ASTRAPI multiplier event in Denmark 2021

On November 25th FIU-ligestilling marked the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women with an annual conference.

Union delegates were gathered to gain insights into how sexual harassment and gender-based violence can be prevented and dealt with in the workplace.

Susanne Fast Jensen, Equality and Diversity Advisor in 3F (the United Federation of Danish Workers), gave a presentation on the knowledge and tools that have been developed in the ATRAPI partnership. Susanne Fast Jensen talked to the delegates about the new IO5 report that collects experiences and recommendations about dealing with and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace from each of the six ASTRAPI countries. Furthermore, she told the delegates about ASTRAPI’s training handbook from 2020 and the electronic risk assessment tool.

The delegates were informed about how to use these tools to prevent and handle sexual harassment in Danish workplaces.

70 people attended the conference.